Web design is an exciting career choice because it stands at the crossroads of technology and art. Students will learn design theory, color theory, composition, and contrast as well as more technical skills like usuability and programming. Below are several schools offering associate and bachelor programs in web design and links for contacting them.

Full Sail University Bachelors in Web Design & Dev Full Sail University – A recognized leader in design and development degrees, Full Sail offers an accredited online Bachelors in Web Design and Development degree. A degree that balances aesthetic design and coding and development this is an ideal degree for those who want to have a well rounded skill-set for a variety of careers or starting their own company.
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Art Institute of Pittsburgh AA in Web Design BFA in Web Design Art Institute of Pittsburgh – The Art Institute of Pittsburgh has long been a leader in web and software design, and have in recent years expanded their online degree offerings. Their accredited Associates and Bachelors in Web Design degrees are both available through online programs that you can complete on your own schedule and in an environment of your choosing.
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Online Degrees in Web Design

Web Design Degree is a resource originally part of an academic project, which is now dedicated to improving web design by encouraging its formal study as a college curriculum. This site maintains the largest comprehensive list of college and university web design programs offered in the U.S.

What exactly is a web design degree?

A web designer is a person with the technical skillset to generate graphics for an online medium, coupled with an artistic and technical ability needed to generate that graphic art. Therefore, a web design degree includes curriculum focusing on technical computer skills, computer drafting and design aesthetics, as well as business skills. These overarching themes are included in almost every web design degree, however, a wide variety of nuance exists between different levels and foci of the web design degree you seek.

What degrees can start a career in web design?

Several schools offer web design specific degrees at various education levels. While these programs are usually the best choice because they explore designing, programming, and how the internet and computers work, other degrees can be applied to a career in web design. For example, a graphic design degree is perfect if you are most interested in design web sites while web development focuses more on server, databases, and programming for the web.

What sorts of skills might a student expect to learn in a web design degree?

A student who earns a degree in Web design or digital media design will graduate knowing how to combine text, sound, pictures, animation, and databases to create a unique Web experience for the viewer. Visual design, audio and video skills, copywriting for the web, and animation techniques are all part of the designer’s toolkit.

You’ll learn how to use all the latest software for web design, and how to work with clients to design the best website that achieves their business objectives.

What sorts of careers are common for students with a web design degree?

The Internet is a rapidly changing place, and the content we view every day online is shaped by web designers. If you have an interest in computers, art, and the way they work together, you might be looking at a web design degree in your future.

Students who receive a web design degree are prepared to serve the business world as a designer for commercial websites. They can also work as freelance web designers, working alongside other freelancers to collaborate on different web design projects. They can act as project coordinators, or they can get jobs at advertising and marketing agencies. Many large companies have several employees whose sole job is to design and update the company’s website.

What types of classes are involved in this degree?

Courses vary depending on your school, but all good web design degree programs have classes like the following. An associate’s web design degree requires at least 67 credit hours at most schools. A bachelor’s degree will require 120 or more credit hours.

Web Design Of course, web design is a featured course. You’ll learn the basic principles of web design and how to manage content online. Plus, you’ll learn how to code in HTML and how to use editors such as Dreamweaver.

Digital Imaging Fundamentals It’s important to learn how image files are handled on the Web. This course will help you with the basics of working with digital images in the online environment.

Web Animation Learn software such as JavaScript and Flash in this in-depth exploration of animation for the Web.

What are the average salaries of a person with a web design degree?

The average salary of a person with a degree in web design depends on the person’s level of skill as well as their level of experience. A web design specialist might earn $39,000 when getting started in the field, but after five years of experience, their average salary could increase up to $50,000.

What are the degree requirements for becoming a web designer?

Becoming a web designer for a company is more about skill than the web design degree you have. However, when you get a web design degree, you develop all the skills you’ll need to get a job as a web designer, provided that you do your coursework properly. You’ll also have produced a portfolio that you can use in order to attract potential employers.

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