100 Great Graphic Designers to Follow on Twitter

6 Jul, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Graphic Design, Web Design

The graphic design industry is constantly changing, requiring those in this field to stay up-to-date at all times. Twitter is a great way to stay informed regarding all things design, as readers can skim pages of short tweets until they find information that is relevant to them. Consider the Twitter pages of the following designers in order to find tips, tutorials, articles, and even get a feel for a day in the life of a graphic designer.

Designers from the Central U.S.

  1. Jeff Finley
    This Ohio designer co-owns Go Media and plays drums for a band in his spare time, so check out his interesting tweets.
  2. Chris Coyier
    This Illinois designer takes pride in his skills, and also updates readers on what goes on in his daily life.
  3. Jay Hilgert
    This business owner is based in Oklahoma, and is a self-confessed Apple fanboy. He regularly links to his updated blog posts about the design business.
  4. Dustin Brewer
    This freelancer from Oklahoma discusses his life as a designer, and also posts his opinions and experiences with the latest technology.
  5. Tim Kadlec
    Check out the tweets from this Wisconsin-based designer to find out a bit about visual aspects of design and development, technology, and his life in this industry.
  6. Shawn Kulla
    This North Dakota-based designer discusses programs like InDesign, technology like the iPad, and aspects of both his personal and business life.
  7. Mike Rohde
    This Wisconsin-based graphic designer talks about technology, such as the Kindle and the Nook, to name a few topics.
  8. Michael Buckingham
    Learn a bit about Apple’s latest products, as well as this Michigan designer’s life, when you check out this page.
  9. Bill Biwer
    Get some ideas on social media sites, animation, and more when you check out this Minnesota designer’s page.
  10. Erik Akers
    This Kansas-based designer tweets about WordPress plug-ins, table and chart designs, wallpapers, and more.
  11. KCWebGeeks
    You can check out this Kansas-based Twitter page for links to free WordPress themes, tips for making wireframes, ways to speed up your website, and more.
  12. Cyndi Masters
    This Kentucky design firm offers links to technology news, and updates on their latest projects.
  13. Jen Hanson
    This designer, who is based in Minnesota, tweets about marketing, design, and local events that could help business owners in this industry.
  14. Dak Dillon
    Follow this designer and photographer as he tweets about his life in this field.

Designers from the South

  1. Selene M. Bowlby
    Based in Florida, this graphic designer and front end developer spends much of her time customizing WordPress themes and tweeting about related matters.
  2. Veronica Domeier
    If you want to learn a bit about the latest technology and recent changes in the design world, check out this Texan’s blog.
  3. Stephanie Malone
    This Texas designer and copywriter provides links about web design, business cards, design theory, and more.
  4. Chad Engle
    This South Carolina-based designer posts tweets about his life as a freelancer, his take on current news, and interesting videos that any designer can learn from.
  5. Erik Peterson
    This Floridian spends most of his time designing, critiquing logos, and posting inspirational quotes about design on Twitter.
  6. Tony Chester
    This North Carolinian posts about recent discoveries he has made in the design business, as well as helpful links for anyone in this industry.
  7. Arron Lock
    This graphic designer is based in Florida and tweets about his business while providing links to his latest blog posts.
  8. Grant Friedman
    This Kentucky-based designer keeps readers up-to-date on his business, and also offers the occasional tutorial.
  9. Cameron Moll
    This designer, who resides in Florida, tweets about his life, current news, and his latest business happenings.
  10. randaclay
    If you want to find links on marketing, new website technology, and how to improve your development knowledge, check out this Texas-based freelance designer’s Twitter page.
  11. Sean Hodge
    This illustrator, designer, and creative editor hails from Florida, and tweets about art designs he likes, interesting techniques, and different illustration styles.
  12. Neil Brown
    This freelance designer from North Carolina talks about SEO, WordPress themes, and updates on his design projects.
  13. Amy Stewart
    This graphic designer lives in Texas and tweets about great fonts, social media for business owners, and her latest design projects.

Designers from the Western U.S.

  1. Calvin Lee
    Let this Los Angeles-based designer show you links to articles about social media success, useful phone apps, and more.
  2. Adam Smith
    This Utah-based designer posts various links to sites and articles about the best fonts, logo design ideas, WordPress tools, social media tips, and more.
  3. Seth Jenks
    Find out helpful Twitter tips for your company, how to use social media, and more from this Utah-based designer.
  4. Jeffrey Veen
    Get this San Francisco-based designer’s thoughts on technology and the design business, as well as some thoughtful quotes.
  5. Daniel Burka
    This director of design mostly tweets about his latest projects at work, as well as links to great design ideas and inspirations.
  6. Tony Mandarich
    This Arizona designer discusses marketing tactics, SEO for your business, and the latest technology that can help your business grow.
  7. Larissa Meek
    Learn a bit about new technology, social media, and coding from this Los Angeles-based designer.
  8. Stephen Olmstead
    This Arizona-based designer discusses web development, technology matters, and his life working both for himself and another company.
  9. Rob Goodlatte
    This San Francisco-based designer tweets about new technology trends and his life in the design world.
  10. Graphic Designer
    This aptly-named page brings you tweets from California, mostly consisting of unique quotes that may inspire you as you work.
  11. Rachel/Ramp Creative
    This Los Angeles-based designer discusses technology trends and links to interviews with other designers.
  12. Great 8 Creative
    This California-based design firm tweets about its latest projects, recent plug-ins, and helpful articles that all designers should read.
  13. Jeff Andrews
    Check out this Oregon-based designer’s links to news about design tools, such as Flash, as well as information about logos and colors you should use.
  14. Bill Grey
    This California designer will link you to information about fonts, blogging, WordPress plug-ins, and more.
  15. Designs-Made-Easy
    This graphic designer, who is based in Nevada, posts links to her unique creations.

Designers from the Eastern U.S.

  1. Jason Santa Maria
    This New Yorker spends most of his day designing and tweeting about his design team’s progress.
  2. Joshua Porter
    The Massachusetts-based designer posts about social media, copywriting, and local events that designers might be interested in.
  3. Brian Hoff
    This Philadelphia-based graphic designer and writer posts links to sites he has helped create, opinions on recent technology, and design tips.
  4. Spencer Fry
    This New Yorker updates readers on his personal and business life, and also throws in tweets about technology and design from time to time.
  5. Antonio Carusone
    This New York-based graphic designer tweets about his life as a designer, the latest technology that he has tried out, and different fonts to use in design.
  6. Andrew Houle
    This designer also runs MyInkBlog, and provides links to that site and other helpful design resources.
  7. Vinh Le
    This Boston-based blogger and designer tweets about his daily life, new technology, and themes and designs that he likes.
  8. Matt Richardson
    This Michigan-based graphic designer posts ways to improve your WordPress theme, helpful tutorials, and hints on creating a great logo.
  9. Jeffrey Zeldman
    Read this New Yorker’s tweets for news on the latest technology, design ideas, and his life in general as a designer.
  10. Jill Middleton
    This New Jersey-based graphic designer discusses her life in the industry, the benefits of Twitter for business, and various links that many business owners might find helpful.
  11. Heilan Yvette Grimes
    This New Hampshire graphic designer tweets general news items, along with inspirational and informative posts for each day.
  12. Matt Harzewski
    This web designer from the northeast discusses his experiences with technology, as well as information about his life as a designer, and blogging for business.
  13. Bruce Colthart
    This New Jersey-based designer talks about logo design, technology, and webinars.
  14. Ryan Meashaw
    Let this New Yorker fill you in on his life as a designer while offering tutorials and tips on colors.
  15. Kitty
    This graphic designer from New York talks about artwork, Apple products, and her experience with InDesign.

Designers from Outside the U.S.

  1. Grace Smith
    This freelance graphic designer is based in Ireland, and enjoys the idea of social media, which is perfect for someone who updates Twitter quite frequently.
  2. Graham “Logo” Smith
    This England-based designer specializes in coming up with logos and brand identities. He posts various links to designs, logos, and apps that he likes.
  3. Fabio Sasso
    This Brazilian designer tweets about different web wallpaper designs that he likes, as well as links to inspirational websites.
  4. Richard Darell
    The Swedish founder of the Minervity blog posts links to contests, creative ideas, and fun sites that deal with design.
  5. Andrew Kelsall
    This England-based designer and blogger posts links to Photoshop tips, site text generators, and more helpful design tools.
  6. Rajesh Pancholi
    You can learn a lot from this English designer’s links and videos that are posted several times per day.
  7. Baz Deas
    This ecommerce web designer is based in the UK, and tweets about his everyday life, Photoshop tips, technology updates, and more.
  8. Silver-Solutions
    Follow this Scottish developer and designer to read his posts about the latest in technology, as well as the occasional tweet about what he does in his free time.
  9. Dainis Graveris
    This Latvian designer posts tweets about color combinations for websites, coding hints, and ways to improve your presence on Twitter.
  10. Wolfgang Bartelme
    This Austrian designer also deals with user interface, and often tweets about new technology like the iPad and iPhone.
  11. Barry Madden
    This UK-based designer provides tons of links to great galleries, social media tips, development shortcuts, and more.
  12. Dave Shea
    This Canadian designer posts links to technology news, his design blog, and more.
  13. Luc Melgar
    Check out the tweets by this Singapore-based designer and blogger, as he discusses his life as a designer and occasionally posts helpful blog links.
  14. Ronald Bien
    Let this Philippines-based graphic designer inform you about the best design fonts, great color combinations, Photoshop hints, and more.
  15. Mirkohumbert
    This Swiss designer resides in Beijing and tweets helpful links, such as tips for typography, using image hover, and more.

Designers with a Steady Stream of Design Resources

  1. Kreativuse
    This page is constantly updated with useful links to great designs, tutorials, and general design tips.
  2. nourayehia
    This designer posts several links a week that lead to tutorials, inspirational ideas, and sites for finding design jobs.
  3. Jacob Cass
    Check out this page for tons of links to great site designs, tips on freelancing, and inspirational web design bloggers.
  4. Mike Lane
    This designer wastes no space on his Twitter page, as he constantly tweets with design tips, hints for improving your business, and more.
  5. Nicholas Patten
    If you like contests, giveaways, tutorials, and ideas, check out this designer’s Twitter page.
  6. Cam Olivier
    This Twitter page is full of links that offer coding tools, search engine marketing ideas, and more.
  7. Alen Grakalic
    This designer feels that web standards are essential, and regularly posts links to inspiring logo designs, information about breadcrumbs on the web, and tools for developers and designers alike.
  8. Max Stanworth
    Check out this designer’s many tweets about inspiring site designs, phone wallpapers, and links to other successful designers.
  9. Jon Phillips
    If you think links to topics like breadcrumbs, text effects, social media, coding, and more will help you, check out this page.
  10. Amelie Husson
    This designer provides plenty of links to tips on mockups, vectors, icons, site navigation, and more so that you can improve your sites where possible.
  11. Pliggs
    If you want to get plenty of design ideas, look at the posts by this designer, many of which are tutorials and informative articles.
  12. Leon Fernandes
    This designer teaches readers tips about SEO, copywriting, CSS, WordPress tools, and more.
  13. Collis
    Find out how to speed up your site, learn PHP, improve your html skills, and find out more about CSS, to name a few tips offered at this Twitter page.
  14. Mathew Carpenter
    This designer posts several tutorials, free stuff, and other design resources a day.
  15. Misty Belardo
    Let this graphic designer educate you on design theory, single page site designs, and social media with a stream of helpful links.

Company Pages with Tips for Designers

  1. Styletime
    This business offers tips on how to use Photoshop, create site texture, and even get great copywriting skills.
  2. Build Internet!
    This web design and development blog posts tweets about font choices, graphs, coding, Photoshop and more.
  3. Fuel Your Creativity
    Find information about the best colors to use, the ins and outs of typography, logo design tips, and more when you visit this resource-filled Twitter page.
  4. Designer Depot
    Get some ideas for invoicing clients, using certain blogging platforms, results of site design contests, and the latest web design trends.
  5. Desizn Tech
    Learn about computers, apps, design programs, and more when you check out this Twitter page.
  6. Computer Graphic
    Learn about typography, the finest PCs for graphic designers, and information about design schools when you visit this page.
  7. webtackle
    This design company tweets about the use of social media, current technology, new software solutions, and more.
  8. I Love Typography
    Typography is considered important when it comes to several facets of design on the web, and this design company can give you hints for using the best kind possible.
  9. Unmatchedstyle
    This Twitter page is often updated with recent blog posts about design.
  10. You the Designer
    Find links to information about typography, social media, handy plug-ins, and freelancing in general.
  11. Vectortuts+
    Many designers have to use vectors at some point in their line of work, and this Twitter page is full of helpful tutorials that show you how.
  12. GraphicStart
    This page is full of links to information about font, printing out finished products, and the graphic design business in general.
  13. Vectips
    Designers dealing with vectors will enjoy the posts about colors in Adobe Illustrator, text effects, and various tutorials.