50 iPad Apps for Web Designers

27 Jun, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Web Design Resources, Web Design Tools

If you need help creating a flawless site or simply need to kick your creative juices into high gear, check out this list of 50 iPad apps for web designers. The iPad is a smart tool for web designers, as it allows you to learn and play with various design and creative sites with the same ease of a sketchbook, only with far slicker features and functions.

iPad Apps for Getting Creative

Web designers have to be creative to make their site (or sites) stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here’s the iPad apps you can utilize when your creative side strikes.

  1. Adobe Ideas : Sit, sketch and let your ideas flow with Adobe Ideas. This is a must for web designers because it allows you to try ideas the minute they hit, save them for a rainy day or transfer them to your site. Plus, it’s free!
  2. Penultimate : It’s like taking out a pen, only without the bother of toting several around. Penultimate allows you to jot down notes, sketches or anything else that needs to be done. Use it for fun or to create to-do lists.
  3. Sketchbook : Like your average sketchbook, only on steroids. Sketchbook is a must-have for web designers who love to create on-the-go. This is one app that takes advantage of the iPad screen size.
  4. Freeform : This is the ultimate creative tool because it allows you to export whatever you create to email in PDF, JPG or PNF formats. If you want to save the drawing to your iPad, that’s OK too and can be done in the photo library.
  5. The Font Game : If you’re a web developer, you’ve probably been analyzing fonts since childhood. Put it to the test with The Font Game and pass the time while honing your skill.
  6. OmniGraffle : This clever app has the appeal of Omni on your desktop, only you’re able to work on your iPad and then transfer the file over to your desktop for ease. Ideal for diagrams or everyday napkin-style sketching.
  7. Quill : If drawing on a certain scale matters to your work, you will be able to get ample use out of Quill. This is a mathematical-driven drawing program, meaning you can zoom in and work on details, zoom out and the image is still in proportion.
  8. Brushes : If it’s good enough for artists of The New Yorker, it will probably satisfy you. Brushes has an interface that’s user-friendly, but still appeals to professionals.
  9. Photogene : Take digital photo editing to a whole new level with this app that allows you to layer and contrast to your heart’s content.
  10. ArtStudio : Make this your one-stop app for drawing and painting. Draw caricatures, choose from a wide variety of brushes and add up to five layers with this must-have app.
  11. Strip Designer : Web designers who are just starting out and those who are well-seasoned will love using this app that turns every image into a comic strip. Be prepared to spend hours with this fun app.
  12. Touchup Studio : Play with an image by smudging and changing the contrast or saturation (or both) of colors and use the shake feature to generate effects to select areas of your image.
  13. Juxtaposer : Who doesn’t love a montage? Use this app to organize and display your favorite images, which is helpful for creating an online portfolio of your work.
  14. Graphic Designer Toolbox : Often clients want a designer work with a certain scale in mind. This app allows you to show the client your own ideas and theirs by popping in the design and toying with the size.
  15. Font Displayer : For font junkies or web designers, this app gives you the opportunity to test different fonts, colors and layouts before you commit to a design.
  16. TypeDrawing : Web designers know it’s crucial to watermark designs for sanity’s sake. Make yours unique with TypeDrawing.
  17. Layers – Pro Edition : Let your mind go wild with this amazing app that will help you create startling images by adding layer upon layer. The results are crisp and the app allows you to start with a photograph to build upon, not just drawings from scratch.
  18. Ideate : If you’re looking for a no-fuss way to sketch out ideas, this is your app. The features are limited, but make it a great for beginners who simply want to get creative and store or discard what they come up with.
  19. Keynote : Maybe you’re a web designer on a payroll and have to create presentations. You want your presentations to be as slick as your web designs, right? Use this app to make your presentation go smoothly. It can also help out with creativity as you try different techniques.
  20. Filterstorm : This app is aimed at web designers that work with photography. All of the features allow you to create an ultra sharp image that is fine tuned to your specifications.
  21. eBay : Ever think of searching colors or textures on eBay? Try it sometime when your creativity is running low and be inspired by the unusual items that pop up.
  22. Photoforge: Edit original creations or go nuts with your photos using this innovative app.
  23. C64 Paint XL : If the workload has your creative arteries clogged, wake up with C64 Paint XL. Using the style of 8-bit computers of the ‘80s, any web developer will get a kick out of creating images on this app. You can email them to friends or save them to your photo library for a rainy day.
  24. Masque : Maybe you aren’t a professional web designer (yet) and need to get in the groove of simple editing. Use Masque to make you to add layers to your images with just a few taps.
  25. WordPress : As a web designer, you probably have one or multiple clients who use WordPress for their business or brand’s blogging platform. Get the iPad app and play around with designs in your downtime to see what works.

iPad Apps Every Web Designer Needs

We know web developers have to be creative, but here’s a look at other essential iPad apps web developers can benefit from for creating a sweet look that brings readers back again and again.

  1. Evernote : Jot down ideas as they come to you and discard when done. There’s an audio function and a favorites feature that gives you easy access to your best-of collection.
  2. Anaylitcs : For any web designer who gets obsessed with blog stats, this app’s for you. Easy-to-read graphs allow you to see yesterday and today’s stats with ease.
  3. iThoughts : Let your mind go wild with iThoughts mindmapping app. It’s your tool to organize, link ideas and merge topics.
  4. Things for iPad : If you have Things for your desktop, you are in desperate need of Things for your iPad. Things for iPad is the ultimate to-do list and organizer that can be linked up with the desktop version for those who are always in motion.
  5. Gusto : Open and work on projects from your FTP server, while easy thumbnails allow you to access all of your files. Basically, it’s editing for the modern web designer.
  6. Markup : Connect with your site and make changes as you’re on-the-go. This app has the ability to upload, download and edit PHP, CSS and HTML files.
  7. Twitterific : Get Twitterific and get to know your clients and fellow web designers. Quick exchange can be made on Twitter and it also gives you a chance to showcase your brand and work by tweeting projects as they debut for clients (hopefully brining in more clients!).
  8. Desktop Connect : Let’s just put it this way – you need Desktop Connect! Anyone who works online needs this app, which allows you to work on your main computer, just as if you were working at your home or the office.
  9. Phaidon Design Classics : The age of new media means knowing your references in spades. Phaidon Design Classics gives you the history and stories behind major, classic designers, new and old, such as the chopstick.
  10. FTP On the Go PRO : Do everything you’d do at your desk, using this innovative app. It also has a built-in editor for working and a master password can be set for protection.
  11. Professional web designers know the power of a calculator. : Get exact measurements and make sure your designs always look good with the help of Pcalc Lite Calculator.
  12. GoodReader : If you have tons of literature over web design and developing, you probably want access to your references on your iPad. Use GoodReader to transfer files and pull them up on your iPad and have full screen reading.
  13. IM+ : IM-ing for the future. This app ties together all of your social networking sites such as Twitter, Windows Messenger, SkypeChat and more, so you’re always available and in the loop.
  14. Craigsphone : The mobile companion of Craigslist, this app is great for scouting gigs if you’re a web designer in the beginning stages of garnering clients.
  15. World Atlas : Because knowledge is power, use this app in your downtime to virtually scour the world for inspiration.
  16. Bento : If you’re a freelancer or own your own web design business, you know organization is the key to success. Bento allows you to keep things concise and at your fingertips.
  17. iDisplay : Turn your iPad into a side monitor with iDisplay. This gives you a larger “monitor” for keeping things that aren’t a priority off to the side, but still plenty visible.
  18. Wikipanion : Like Wikipedia, only on your iPad. It’s still free and chock full of information that you might need to reference when coming up with your next great project.
  19. Dictionary : Everyone, even web designers, needs a dictionary on their iPad. Use the app to add to your vocabularyand make your clients think you’re a wordsmith with a creative edge.
  20. Dragon Dictation : Whether it’s notes or emails, all you have to do is voice your thoughts and Dragon Dictation does the rest.
  21. Loopt Pulse : If your social networking roster consists of other creative types that you like to see for occasional pow-wows, get this free app for a look at what’s going on in your city or while traveling.
  22. Tweetdeck : If your clients are active on Twitter, they may want to access you on the social networking site. Tweetdeck divies up your tweets so you see what’s coming in from who, even if you’re away from your iPad for a few minutes (or hours).
  23. Pandora Radio : Just like blasting your tunes at your desk, only on your iPad. And yes, it’s free!
  24. Voices Memos : Turn your iPad into a voice recorder with this app. Perfect for those of us who think aloud when brainstorming, since you can send the voice memo to your email when you’re done yakking.
  25. Ego : Appropriately named, this app allows you to see all of the self-interest items on your to-do list such as Google Analytics, Mint and more in one easy place. There are updates multiple times per day, so you always know what’s on with yourself.