50 Web Designers Whose Blogs You Should Be Reading

30 Jun, 2010  |  Written by  |  under Web Design, Web Design Resources

The world of web design is full of incredibly talented designers. We’ve looked all over the Web to find these 50 inspiring, beautiful, and creative web design blogs that you should definitely check out. Some of them are notable because of their informative posts, while others just plain look great. Other designers are on the list because of their notoriety and high-profile clients. And don’t you want to know what works?

Individual Designers

  1. Nick La’s Web Designer Wall : Nick La, who owns N.Design Studio, Best Web Gallery, and IconDock, offers tips, tutorials, and news on his web design blog. The page also has a job board.
  2. Six Revisions : Web developer and designer Jacob Gube edits this site, which is packed full of useful tutorials as well as design inspiration from around the web.
  3. Abduzeedo : The “Abducted By Design” blog is written by Brazilian designer Fabio Sasso. The blog provides daily inspiration to hundreds of thousands of visitors each day.
  4. Add To Design : This is a relatively new but beautifully designed blog written by web designers Matty Craig and Matt Carpenter. Unlike some blogs, this one appears to have almost entirely original content.
  5. SpoonGraphics Blog : Chris Spooner, UK-based web designer, began his blog in 2007 as a way of playing around with WordPress and trying new things. Eventually the blog gained a huge following, helping his freelance business take off.
  6. Chris Wallace : Wallace, a user interface designer, has worked with companies like Alamo, National Car Rental, and Enterprise Rent-a-Car. His blog focuses on WordPress ideas, thoughts about the Web, and design strategy.
  7. Graham Smith : Smith is a logo and brand identity designer. All web design enthusiasts should check out his portfolio for the clean, concise logos and design inspiration. He says a lot in a small space.
  8. All Web Design Blog : Rachel Goldstein, graphic designer, web designer and artist started writing a blog about good designs over ten years ago. She combines links to favorite sites with articles about design.
  9. Killersites.com Blog : Stefan Mischook has been building websites since 1994. His blog has many video tutorials geared toward the beginner to intermediate web designer. Good, rich content.
  10. Just Creative Design : This is web designer Jacob Cass’ blog. He writes original posts about the world of web design.
  11. 24 Ways to Impress Your Friends : 24 Ways calls itself “an advent calendar” for web designers. Published only in December since 2005, it features a new tip for each day of the month.
  12. Wpdesigner : This blog by designer Tung Do has featured innovative WordPress themes, tips, and the latest in WordPress information since 1996. Considered a must-visit for anyone using WordPress.
  13. Christophe Conraets : Conraets, who has been working with Flex since its beginnings, shares his programming insight on this sparsely designed but informative blog.
  14. Mike Chambers : If it has to do with Flash, then Mike Chambers has probably written about it on his blog.
  15. Outlaw Design Blog : Danny Outlaw, web designer, shares his thoughts on design, business, freelancing, and productivity via blog posts as well as video blog entries.
  16. Jay Hafling : Hafling’s posts are often in somewhat stilted English, since he is Ukrainian, but his designs are quite beautiful, and that needs no translation.
  17. Astuteo’s Free Advice Blog : Astuteo is the studio of Matt Everson, designer and marketing expert. He writes about web development, design concepts, career advice, and other topics.
  18. Branded07 : Branded07 is Rob Palmer’s blog. It features his web design portfolio and a lot of really cute puffin graphics. And who doesn’t like puffins?
  19. Clean & Creative : This is the blog of Greg Althoff, web developer, digital designer, branding expert, and video producer.
  20. John The Developer : John Miller is a web developer who maintains this blog and online portfolio. Any web designers interested in coding should definitely check out this site.
  21. Taufiq Ridha : Taufiq Ridha is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Like the Ukrainian blog, the words here aren’t always perfect, but you will be inspired by the designs.
  22. Matt Dempsey : Matt Dempsey, a freelance designer from London, blogs about web design and usability on his attractive website.
  23. Andrea Cima Serniotti : Beautifully designed website and blog that also happens to feature excellent content.
  24. Dawghouse Design Studio : Jan Cavan’s web design has been featured in Practical Web Design, Web Designer Magazine, and Bloggers Handbook. Her blog features design tips as well as her personal online portfolio.
  25. Jeff Sarmiento : Jeff Sarmiento, a web designer based in Toronto, blogs about his current design projects on this WordPress based blog.
  26. Soh Tanaka : Soh Tanaka is a Los Angeles designer and front-end web developer. His striking gray-on-black design showcases his work, tutorials, and his thoughts on urban trends.
  27. Digital Mash : Australian designer Rob Morris’ blog about design trends, career advice, and tips for other web designers.
  28. Octwelve.com : Web designer, illustrator and blogger Luc Melgar’s work has been featured in .NET magazine and nominated in the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards.
  29. Darren Hoyt : Darren Hoyt has been writing about CSS, working with clients, and other important parts of front-end web design since 2005. The WordPress theme is very clean, allowing the content to take center stage.

Design Firms

  1. Coudal Partners : A thoughtful blog on web production and design from a Chicago interactive design studio.
  2. Information Architects : One of the most well-known and influential web design firms in the world. They are based in Zurich and Tokyo, using the time difference to make sure someone is working all the time.
  3. Vandelay Design : Vandelay Design is a web design firm that publishes a blog partly to inspire other designers, and partly to show potential clients examples of current work. Great tips and tricks.
  4. SEO Design Solutions : Learn more about incorporating search engine optimization into your web pages with the information in this frequently updated blog.
  5. Spyre Studios : Jon Phillips, lead designer of Spyre Studios, a small Montreal design agency, started this blog about web design. Posts aim to educate and inspire the design community.
  6. Kurt Noble Interactive : KNI is an agency with simple goals: to make awesome websites that help their clients. Clients include Frito-Lay, LucasArts, Hyundai USA, Sprint, and many more.
  7. CHROMATIC Blog : Matthew Jurmann and others at his Chicago web design firm write about the way design and marketing intertwine on their company blog. They offer actionable tips for clients and other designers.
  8. Scratchmedia, Web Design From Scratch : Ben Hunt’s blog spotlights the best in design from around the web. The site includes tutorials, opinion pieces, and reviews all centered around the concepts of strong design and good usability.
  9. We Function : Function Web Design and Development has some excellent posts focused on WordPress tips and templates.
  10. Theater Website Services : TWS blogs about design inspiration, trends, and other hot topics.
  11. Designsensory : The Knoxville, TN based Designsensory team blogs about current projects and news from the studio. They create branding for the web, print, and interactive media.
  12. Web Media Alliance : The designers at Web Media Alliance specialize in web design and custom blog integration. Therefore, their blog is primarily about blogging.
  13. Twenty3 Design : Written by Liam and Katherine Faulkner, experienced web designers, the Twenty3 Design blog lets us in on the day-to-day operations of a small web design and interactive media firm.
  14. The Run : The Run is a design blog produced by Bainbridge Studios, a boutique design firm located in Tacoma, WA. The blog contains some excellent tips and articles about design and business.
  15. AURUM3 : AURUM3 is an agency specializing in web development in Brisbane, Australia. Their blog draws inspiration from diverse sources.
  16. Electric Pulp Notes : The web design form has worked with many notable clients, including Justin Bieber, Guy Kawasaki of Alltop, and Ford Motors. Their blog is full of design inspiration and news about their work.
  17. fortyseven media : Get helpful tutorials and design tips from the pros at fortyseven media.

Design Galleries

  1. Web Design Ledger : Web Design Ledger is written by several different web designers, all with one goal: to inspire fellow designers and give them tools to make the job easier and more fun.
  2. 1st Web Designer : The brainchild of a Latvian web designer, 1st Web Designer actually has content from web designers around the globe.
  3. Web Designer Depot : Web Designer Depot is a collaborative effort of experienced web designers from around the world. Post topics range from graphic design to coding and photography techniques.
  4. Noupe : While Noupe isn’t written by just one designer, it’s a design site you shouldn’t miss. It’s produced by Smashing Magazine, which means it can offer a ton of resources, tutorials, photos and other inspirational items.