Who created WebDesignDegree.com

Created in 2010 by web design student Bailey Digger and Ron Denny as part of a class project in which we compiled updated information about every web design program in the US.  WebDesignDegree.com is both a class assignment and a long-term project of its creator.

What is the theory behind WebDesignDegree.com’s Design

The idea behind this website was that excellent and informative content will best be recognized as such through straightforward and simple design elements rather than the complex and cutting edge design that is typically espoused to be the most effective. To that end, we have created a website which although the design is not intrinsically off-putting, it is certainly not “cutting-edge” in any way. It is our hope however, that the content itself is very valuable to prospective web design students. That is because, there exist few websites which accurately and unbiasedly provide information relating to obtaining an college degree in the field of web design from the perspective of a student who is actively going through the process.

Feedback and Comments are Welcome

It is our hope that simple design and the draw of original unbiased content will appeal to others and the website will be useful and popular. So far the comments from visitors as to the experiment have been positive and helpful. So please keep up the feedback and tell me what else you’d like to see on this website. Email me at info <%at%> webdesigndegree.com