The 40 Best Forums for Web Designers

1 Feb, 2012  |  Written by  |  under Web Design Resources

Those with a degree in web design know that there can be many job possibilities within the field. And those with the most knowledge in the most fields are more likely to find themselves on top. But with web design being far harder than it sounds, anyone who has given it a try knows that the slightest typo can spell disaster.

No matter how experienced you are, there is always a lot to know and learn. So why not learn as your colleagues do by checking out the latest developments in web design communities? To help, we have collected the 40 best forums for web designers below. They include forums for everyone from those just starting out to those with tons of experience.

The Best General Forums for Web Designers

  1. Site Point
    Scroll down to check out many topics not found on other forums such as interactive content and news for your site. They also have content reviews, tips for web writing, and much more to help you in your current project. You can even check out the right hand column to view the latest posts.
  2. Designers Talk
    Visit here to get just what the title promises. In addition to design talk, you can also get forums on music, film, competitions, and more all with the designer in mind. You can even use the site to find themes and other tools.
  3. Web Design
    Get help in many areas of web design, including tutorials, design discussion, and Adobe. They also have help for programmers and developers. You can even get help for marketing.
  4. Forum 4 Designers
    A forum for websites, including UK designers, is featured here. Scroll down to get help for graphic design, web design, and XML formats. You can even get forums on your favorite browser.
  5. Web Designer Forum
    This web design forum is also based in the UK, but you don’t have to be from there to take advantage. Be sure not to miss the area where you can buy and sell services.
  6. Web Design Forum
    Top subjects of discussion here include web and graphic design, as well as website reviews. You can also get tips for promotions and software. There is even a web trader section where you can advertise your services.
  7. Killer Sites
    Want to see what happens when web design goes right? Then stop here to get a forum on just that. There are also tips on general web design and more.
  8. Kirupa
    Both formal and informal discussions on web design are shared here. There are tutorials, jobs, and contests. Fans of Xbox will also find a section for them.
  9. Web Digity
    Visit here for a web friendly community. The forums have everything you need on building a website. There is also a directory, gallery, tutorials, and tag browsing.
  10. Web Design Chat
    Although the name says “chat,” these are still traditional style forums. The entries for web design are on flash, Photoshop, editors, and even a showcase. Scroll down for other related forums.

The Best Advanced Forums for Web Designers

  1. Dynamic Forums
    This forum specializes in DHTML scripts for the real world. Scroll down to get help in coding, scripts, and more. They also have online tools such as a image optimizer, animated GIF generator, and email riddler.
  2. Digital Point
    Use these forums to check out the major players in web design such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Scroll down to get marketing and business forums, as well as design and development.
  3. Create Blog
    If a blog is part of your web design, click here. These forums have everything on them from Blogger to Live Journal. You can also get graphics help, design tips, and a showcase booth.
  4. CSS Beauty
    All things CSS and beyond are shared in these forums. They contain news, jobs, and an active community. Simply scroll down to read the latest.
  5. Webmaster Masons
    Learn more about becoming a Mason with a visit here. Visitors can also check out the forums with a visit. They also have topics on creation, planning, and development.
  6. UK Webmaster World
    For web designers and webmasters in the UK, stop here for a site for you. Visitors from all over the world can check out discussions on search engines, how to generate revenue from your website, and a local marketplace.
  7. Ozzu
    At Ozzu you will find webmaster headlines, a webmaster forum, and all types of information and resources that a professional webmaster can use. The latest headlines are the first topic of discussion. There are also tips for web designers.
  8. Coding Forums
    Get information on all types of coding with a visit here. Web coding and development are the main topics. Sample discussions include Java, HTML, XML, and Flash.
  9. HTML Forum
    If looking for discussions on HTML, stop here. There are many posts, as well as tips for web 2.0 sites. You can also find discussion on others such as CSS and Flash.
  10. Dream in Code
    If you code so much it pops up in your dreams, stop here. The community is full of users who do just that and stop by to share the latest. They even have featured developer’s blogs on the homepage.

The Best Forums for Web Developers

  1. Dev Shed
    The top stories and threads of the day greet you with each visit here. Scroll down to get tips on programming languages and web design. They even have a special section for mobile programming.
  2. The V7 Network
    This web development community has loads on the topic. There is a webmaster marketplace with offers to work and hire. There is also business, marketing, and more.
  3. Webmaster World
    If looking to combine webmaster knowledge with SEO, stop here. They have a forum for how to maximize Google, along with many other tips. You can also get other items on web development and design.
  4. Dani Web
    Visit here to get a serious IT community online. There is also this special section just for web developers with topics on PHP, Ruby, databases, and more. You can also find options for software development, internet marketing, and business exchange.
  5. Web Developer
    There are many articles on the topic at this site, in addition to the forums. The A to Z directory has guides for items such as animated GIFs, security, and XML. You can also choose forums by client side, server side, and site management.
  6. Go 4 Expert
    Expert web developers are encouraged to visit this forum. They have tips on whichever programming language you use and for which ever OS you use. You can even check out their web hosting reviews for when you are ready to publish.
  7. Technical Talk
    If you know the talk, then this is your forum. It is especially designed for web developers and webmasters across the internet. Their goal is to build a web development forum with lot of quality resources for all aspects of website development.
  8. GID Forums
    Stop here for another forum for web developers and web masters. It focuses on the web design, C/C++, PHP, and MySQL programming.
  9. Developer Tutorials
    If still honing your web design skills, stop here. They specifically have tutorials for web designers who need help in many different areas. They also have tools and articles for the viewing.
  10. Web Radiance
    Their tagline is “design, develop, discuss.” Get forums on just that with a visit. In addition to design topics, there are development ones such as ASP, PHP, databases, and other languages.

The Best Specialty Forums for Web Designers

  1. SEO Black Hat
    Learn how to make the most of search engine optimization at this forum. There are tips for the three steps: create sites, get traffic, and profit. There are even tips for “sneaky, sneaky” and “spam 2.0.”
  2. SEO Guy
    Similar to the above, this forum is all about SEO. There are tips on how to maximize search engines such as Google and MSN. They also have forums for web design and more.
  3. Estetica Design Forum
    Get all sorts of help on the design aspect of your website in these forums. You can find info and chat on web design, photography, logo design, flash, and CSS. There are even tools to help you.
  4. All Graphic Design
    Just like its predecessor, these forums are all about design, specifically graphic design. Get all sorts of discussions on the topic, along with critiques and reviews. They also offer free website templates.
  5. Typophile
    Get all things typing in this forum. There are discussions on typeface, tools to help you build, and even items on releases. Be sure to try out the tracking tool with loads of new topics.
  6. Cre8asite Forums
    Click here to get practical answers to help you succeed in SEO, web marketing, and web publishing. With discussions going on since 1998, they have loads to choose from.
  7. Freelance Gossip
    If looking to freelance from web design work, click here. The community is full of professionals who do likewise. There are many answers to many common questions on the topic.
  8. Talk Freelance
    Similar to the above, this is another forum on the freelancing aspects of web design. Have a look at forums for both those who want to sell products and those looking to hire.
  9. Adobe Forums
    Just about every web designer knows that Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the leading softwares for the profession. Stop by their official forum to get the answers to all your questions in an FAQ. Those who don’t find it can check out the other guides or the forum itself.
  10. The Dreamweaver Club
    If you like the software but not the official forum, stop here. It is by fans of Dreamweaver and has loads of non-official goodies on it. The main site has more.

Be sure and check out the above 40 best forums for web designers whenever you have a situation you can’t handle, as chances are you are not the first to have whatever your problem is.