The Top 90 Web Design Blogs

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We’ve all heard the statistic that it only takes seconds for a reader to see a website, grow tired, bored or think it’s just plain ugly and then click out. To avoid putting your site in the categories of tired, boring or just plain ugly, take a look at our list of the top 90 web design blogs, all ready to help you create a slick image that will have readers and clients glued to the screen.

Top Job Sites for Web Designers

Web designers often work for themselves or freelance on the side. Whatever you offer, you have to go to where the clients are and on the web that means these sites.

  1. Freelance Switch When you’re ready to scope out the freelance scene, visit this site and get tips from the pros.
  2. Odesk Get potential bites from all over the globe with all of the info up front, including pay and project size.
  3. Krop Jobs for big cities and small towns are posted on this job board for creative gigs.
  4. Elance There are thousands of jobs listed at this site that divides the gigs up by type, so you aren’t sorting through ads that don’t pertain to your services.
  5. Coroflot This freelance job board is aimed at creative skills for everyone from art directors to shoe designers.
  6. Guru Check out this site for design gigs from startup and established businesses.
  7. Authentic Jobs This site has been in the game since 2005, so the jobs are solid and employers know what they’re looking for.
  8. Solo Gig This site does a superb job of screening, so you’re left with legit contract offers.
  9. Smashing Magazine – Jobs Folks in-the-know are aware of this site and the quality of web designers that visit making for great freelance opportunities.
  10. Get a Coder This job board is plain and simple, and to the point.

Creative Blogs and Sites for Web Designers

Web designers have to be creative to make their site (or sites) stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here’s the iPad apps you can utilize when your creative side strikes.

  1. A List Apart Stop by this design blog for tips on how to make your skills rise above the rest.
  2. SmileyCat This blog is brilliant because it provides inspiration and technical tips on getting design right.
  3. Clagnut Clagnut comes to you from the UK and is chock full of tips for the modern web designer.
  4. David Airey Web design talk from a guy who’s worked with huge clients and has tips for you to do the same.
  5. Colour Lovers Web designers love a good inspiration board and this site has them categorized by color for your creative heart’s delight.
  6. Bittbox Tips on how to work smarter and feel inspired are prominent at this fun blog.
  7. SitePoint Design Blog If your goal as a web designer is to constantly learn, check out this blog which examines design elements from around the world.
  8. Warspire This site examines everything for album covers to advertisments.
  9. Andy Budd To be cutting edge, web designers have to go the distance and Budd’s blog will help get you there in terms of business and design.
  10. Web design chat at its finest.
  11. Good Web FontsThe title is self-explanatory, and if you’re a designer at heart, the site will suck you in for hours.
  12. Photoshoplady This site teaches you everything you need to know about Photoshop. If you thought it was only used for resizing a photo, you’re dead wrong.
  13. Web Designer Wall Learn from the tutorials or keep up with web design trends at this blog.
  14. Psdtuts+ Get tips for design and read reviews over famous or upcoming logos and fonts for products.
  15. Q Blog Dedicated to vectors and brushes, this site is a must for web designers.
  16. Pearsonified Business tips and advice on how to get those creative juices flowing is what you’ll find at this blog.
  17. Noupe There’s no telling how much you’ll love this blog which continuously displays tons of fresh inspiration.
  18. Vandelay Design Look at packaging, learn photography tricks and get the lowdown on business card graphics at this site.
  19. Just Creative Design The blog of a full-time web designer who freelances on the side.
  20. CSS Tricks Get to know your CSS with this blog and help from its busy message board.
  21. High Resolution Textures Images that are exactly what the title says.
  22. 2 Experts Design This site is full of invaluable tips for web designers.
  23. Web Resources Depot Get free icons and learn how to best utilize programs and features like Flash.
  24. Studio 1C Blog From web design 101 to free fonts and vector art, you’ll find all of it at this concise blog.
  25. Brushking Free (yup) brushes to use on Photoshop to take your web design skills to the next level.
  26. Arguably the best online magazine for design, this site has tips for patterns, Flash and ideas for making your services sell.
  27. We Function Keep up with design news, read interviews with other creative types and participate in the lively comments section of this blog.
  28. 456 Berea Street Learn how to make design accessible at this site.
  29. IconDock The art of icons for those who love the subject.
  30. Meyerweb This site is more technical than design, but in this day and age, a web designer has to do both.
  31. Tutorial Blog Learn the fundamentals of building and designing at this easy-to-navigate website.
  32. Abduzeedo Get mind-blowing inspiration at this site, whether it’s digital art or modern architecture.
  33. Web Monkey In conjunction with Wired, this site gives you the skinny on CSS, Flash and more. It’s more for web developers, but as a designer, you never know when you’ll have to wear multiple hats.
  34. Best Web Gallery Submit your site to this blog to see how it stacks up to the rest in terms of design.
  35. Fuel Your Creativity It’s all about getting your brain going at this blog that’s full of informative tips for staying creative.
  36. Logo Designer Blog What looks good, what looks horrible and how to improve your technique when it comes to logos.
  37. Colorburned Sit and stay awhile at this inventive blog that is packed with resources and education for web designers.
  38. Line 25 Outside of a weekly web roundup, this site only updates once a week and because of that, you can be certain every post is useful.
  39. New York Times – Bits Blogs As a web designer, it’s imperative you know what’s going on in the world of technology. This blog will keep you posted.
  40. Viget From getting your portfolio online to attract new clients to web designer events going on in the U.S., this blog is hub for innovative designers.
  41. The Sartorialist While he’s known as a fashion darling, The Sartorialist is also fantastic at posting vintage photos and talking about the style or vibe of a setting.
  42. Flickr You can share your photos or enter a word and be inspired by others.
  43. Fray It’s an art lover’s delight. Fray is a magazine with no boundaries, so let it inspire you.
  44. Juxtapoz If you’re a web designer and have never heard of Juxtapoz we won’t tell anyone, as long as you promise to check out the site with loads of art and artist profiles that will make you want to get to work ASAP.
  45. Cosmosart This site is definitely for the advanced web designer, but because it’s a trade where you’re always learning, it’s a must-read for keeping things fresh.
  46. Design Intellection The design of this site is super sleek, but once you start reading the useful content, you’ll be glad you aren’t distracted by the glitz of most design blogs.
  47. Inspiredology Get inspired at this blog with design discussions and news of web design conferences and events happening in North America.
  48. Youthedesigner The blog portion of this site talks wallpapers, login forms and layout techniques, but you also want to stop by their job board if you’re a freelancer.
  49. Garcya Vector art, web design education and even a discussion on the dreaded error page are all at this blog.
  50. CreativeRoots We’re willing to bet money that any designer will love this site examining everything from soup labels to Oriental art.
  51. UX Booth Tips on how to make your website accessible and user-friendly, both key ingredients clients long for.
  52. Think Vitamin This blog is so fab, there’s even a radio show to go alongside that discusses web design, development and the business behind them.
  53. Woork This blog no longer updates, but what sits in time is a plethora of typeface and design help.
  54. Vecteezy Download free vectors and experiment until you’re blue in the face.
  55. PelFusion From the history of web design blogs to designs for packaging and birthday cakes, it’s all here.
  56. Free Design Magazine Free vectors galore! If you don’t want to use them, just let the colors and images get your mind wandering.
  57. Nettuts+ You’ll flip for this design site with tips for those starting WordPress or implementing vintage designs for a modern audience.
  58. dtsn This site is very simple, but proves that sometimes less is more when it comes to reading about design and CSS tips.
  59. HScripts When you feel you need a refresher for scripts or a quick tutorial, this is the place to go.
  60. Fudge Graphics For those who adore modern digital art, this blog will be the perfect pick-me-up when you feel your creativity dragging.
  61. Coolvibe When you’re in need of gorgeous collections of original work, check out this site to get your ideas flowing.
  62. Blog.SpoonGraphics Get a roundup of weekly faves, plus tips on amazing Photoshop techniques and a look at vectors.
  63. Outline Design Blog There’s plenty to learn from this blog with tutorials and how to market your services.
  64. Logo of the Day Because every designer loves to gawk at logos every now and then.
  65. Six Revisions You’ll bookmark this site once you see how smart the posts are. Great for inspiration and picking up a few tips along the way.
  66. SimpleBits Another brilliant blog from a design firm that insists on sharing their advice via the Internet for free. Oh well, we’ll take it!
  67. Great Vectors Download any of the vectors at this site for free.
  68. N. Design Studio What began as a college project has become this web designer’s professional site with posts that are packed with inspiration to pique your design mind.
  69. Vectortuts+ There’s a premium membership for this blog, but the content that’s available for free is plenty for most web designers.
  70. TutorialBlog Because even web designers need to go back to their roots and see how programs work.
  71. CSS Beauty This site covers web design from a creative and business perspective, making it a must-read.
  72. The Man in Blue This blog explores everything about design including vegetables as typface.
  73. Particletree Get to know and love web design with this blog that has articles to inspire and make you productive.
  74. Brian Gardner Gardner recently launched this site after his personal blog was swallowed by his profession. Here he talks about freelancing as a web designer and tips for you to do the same.
  75. The Undersigned This site leads you to Thomas Silkjaer’s collection of typography photos where invites others to contribute.
  76. Fadtastic This site no longer updates, but it does contain archives for tons of websites, so you can get a look at what’s out there.
  77. Design Meltdown True lovers of design will be addicted to this fantastic blog with coverage of everything trendy, minimal and then some.
  78. Logo Design Love The good, the bad and the ugly of logos from around the globe.
  79. Devlounge The site for discussions on icons, wallpapers and everything in-between.
  80. Smashing Magazine Every designer loves this online magazine for their inventive posts.

The job of a web designer is ever-changing and the Internet makes for easy (and free) education that can take your skills to new heights.