Multimedia and Design Programs

Multimedia artists create special effects, animation, and other dynamic images for film or the web, working mostly in the motion picture industry, or in advertising. With a strong primary background in classic art techniques, Multimedia Designers use specialized software to translate their skills into computer generated content. While the work is creative and sometimes even collaborative, most companies expect artists to work long hours, and even longer hours before deadlines.

Jobs & Salaries

Artists have tough competition for jobs since there are so many talented people vying for the same positions. However, Multimedia Artists will have the best job prospects since there is a high demand for online work. Multimedia artists and animators make an average of $79,000 (, and the job market is set to grow at the average rate, with the most demand being for digital or multimedia artwork.

Prerequisites & Coursework

Employers usually require a BA in fine arts or multimedia arts along with a strong portfolio of professional work. With that in mind, seek programs that help build your portfolio. Some programs are more technology oriented than others, but coursework generally includes drawing, painting, web design, video production and visual communications. Students familiar with PhotoShop or CorelPainter will excel.

Multimedia and Design Degree Programs

Guide to Web Design Degree Programs

Full Sail University Bachelors in Web Design & Dev Full Sail University – A recognized leader in design and development degrees, Full Sail offers an accredited online Bachelors in Web Design and Development degree. A degree that balances aesthetic design and coding and development this is an ideal degree for those who want to have a well rounded skill-set for a variety of careers or starting their own company.
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Art Institute of Pittsburgh AA in Web Design BFA in Web Design Art Institute of Pittsburgh – The Art Institute of Pittsburgh has long been a leader in web and software design, and have in recent years expanded their online degree offerings. Their accredited Associates and Bachelors in Web Design degrees are both available through online programs that you can complete on your own schedule and in an environment of your choosing.
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