Network and Database Management Programs

Database administrators and managers are vital to businesses moving into the next decade. As technology improves, old information must constantly be put into new and better systems for sharing and storing it. Database and network administrators ensure that the information is easily accessible to employees, and impossible to access for criminals.

Jobs & Salaries

The job of a Network and Database administrator is to identify user needs and create ways to meet them, and often give support and trouble-shoot when systems go awry. Unlike database designers, administrators don’t usually create the concept behind the systems they manage and support. Employment for Database Managers is projected to increase by 23% until 2018, much faster than average. Computer networks are the life-blood of businesses, and systems administrators are needed to help organizations use their technology to communicate with employees and consumers. The median annual income of database administrators was $78,510 in 2008 (

Prerequisites & Coursework

Employers usually require a BA in a computer science related field, although some may prefer MBA degree holders who have specialized in information systems. Coursework often includes programming, XML-based computational systems, object-oriented programming using languages like JAVA, file system methodology, and best practices in information system security.

Network and Database Management Degree Programs

Guide to Web Design Degree Programs

Full Sail University Bachelors in Web Design & Dev Full Sail University – A recognized leader in design and development degrees, Full Sail offers an accredited online Bachelors in Web Design and Development degree. A degree that balances aesthetic design and coding and development this is an ideal degree for those who want to have a well rounded skill-set for a variety of careers or starting their own company.
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Art Institute of Pittsburgh AA in Web Design BFA in Web Design Art Institute of Pittsburgh – The Art Institute of Pittsburgh has long been a leader in web and software design, and have in recent years expanded their online degree offerings. Their accredited Associates and Bachelors in Web Design degrees are both available through online programs that you can complete on your own schedule and in an environment of your choosing.
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