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Visual Communications is exactly what the name says: communicating to your audience visually as a digital artist, web designer, multimedia artist or even retail designer. Visual presentation is vital to increasing sales, whether you are setting up a store window, creating a commercial, crafting an interactive web page, or making a movie. It all comes down to appealing to the sense of sight to communicate, motivate, educate, and persuade.

Jobs & Salaries

Visual Communications is a broad term that covers multimedia and graphic design, as well as marketing and advertising. Depending on which area an artist focuses his or her talents, the jobs can be lucrative and plentiful, or low-paying. As with any creative job, careers in Visual Communications are highly competitive however. The highest paid art directors averaged an income of $154,840, with the median earning between $54,490 and $108,090 (

Prerequisites & Coursework

Some degree programs offer Visual Communications degrees with an emphasis either in Graphic Design or Multimedia. A few programs require students take an entry exam and submit a portfolio as part of their application. Classes include digital photography, computer graphics, magazine publishing, Photoshop, business advertising and marketing. Other coursework should include marketing and even some psychology classes.

Visual Communications Degree Programs

Guide to Web Design Degree Programs

Full Sail University Bachelors in Web Design & Dev Full Sail University – A recognized leader in design and development degrees, Full Sail offers an accredited online Bachelors in Web Design and Development degree. A degree that balances aesthetic design and coding and development this is an ideal degree for those who want to have a well rounded skill-set for a variety of careers or starting their own company.
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Art Institute of Pittsburgh AA in Web Design BFA in Web Design Art Institute of Pittsburgh – The Art Institute of Pittsburgh has long been a leader in web and software design, and have in recent years expanded their online degree offerings. Their accredited Associates and Bachelors in Web Design degrees are both available through online programs that you can complete on your own schedule and in an environment of your choosing.
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